Fucked Hard 18 Cindy

Fucked Hard 18 November 22nd, 2009

Some guys just wanna teach, whereas others just want to have fun. Meet the man behind fucked hard 18! He uses his patented pheromone massage oil to get the women to let him stick it to them after the lotion kicks in! Meet 18 year old slut Cindy. She is a cute, taller girl with dark blonde hair, plaid shirt and cut denim shorts. She meets the masseuse who introduces him and tells her that, in exchange for letting him film it for education purposes she will get a free massage. She agrees and starts to disrobe before letting him start to put his lotion on her. What she doesn’t know is that the lotion is loaded with secret pheromones to help her give in and take his fat cock in her mouth and pussy. The lotion quickly kicks in and her well-tanned body is now spread eagle, waiting for him to finger her horny slit. Then he starts to stick it in with her legs around her neck before switching over to doggy style before going back to spread eagle, moaning towards climax!

fucked hard 18 cindy

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