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Melissa Matthews Video at Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 July 26th, 2010

Wow this girl looked awesome, Jake is a lucky guy to fuck such a cutie. Melissa Matthews walked in wearing a skirt and white top that showed off her sexy belly. She had no problems getting naked for her massage and she looked even better with her clothes off. Her ass is really toned and tight. This girl is fit, I really liked her natural teen tits..nice and perky. 18 year olds don’t get much hotter than this. The guys at Fucked Hard 18 scored with this girl. Very hot! Jake had his way with Melissa Matthews, fucking her doggy style, missionary, and ways I don’t even know the names for. But it looked pretty amazing and I can’t say enough about the quality of videos these guys produce. And have I mentioned the quality of the girls? Every single 18 year old they bring in is always looking cute. Click the picture and watch the video …

fucked hard 18 melissa matthews

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Gracie Glam at Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 July 12th, 2010

Gracie Glam is a pretty good porn name I think, this girl could be going places! Hah.Goddamn look at the ass on this 18 year old babe, it is absolutely perfect. I’d love to take a bite out of it, and fuck it of course. Her tits looks pretty good too, natural and perky.18 year old tits don’t get any better than this. I like how happy and horny she looks when Jake pulls out his cock, she is a girl that definitely loves cock.Don’t forget to turn down the volume if anyone is around, this girl gets pretty loud when she’s getting fucked hard. I’m just about to watch this full video in the members area. If you want to see the hottest 18 year old girls getting massaged and fucked then you should join up at Fucked Hard 18, It’s the best site I’ve found and these teens are pretty slutty. Well that’s it for now, thanks for coming back to Teen Sluts Blog. I’ll be adding some more posts soon …

gracie glam fucked hard 18

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Ashlyn Rae at Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 July 10th, 2010

Ashlyn Rae figured that a massage would be good relaxation therapy. What she didn’t know is that she’d soon be sucking cock and getting her hot pussy fucked by the masseuse! Welcome to fucked hard 18, where young teens get their pussies fucked hard by guys looking to give more than a massage. Ashlyn comes into the room with a pink tank top and black cut spandex shorts as she greets Jake, the masseuse. She shows off her sexy, slender stomach as she discusses with Jake about the massage. They immediately pan to Ashlyn getting fucked naked from behind with her sweet ass jiggling up and down with each thrust. It then goes back to her chatting and standing with Jake, giggling and talking with him a bit before cutting forward to her naked on her back, sucking Jake’s throbbing member while she lies down. Flash forward to her spread-eagle and taking cock like a pro. She gets back on her stomach before getting it from behind as she stands and again spread eagle for the world to enjoy! Teen sluts are the best.

ashlyn rae fucked hard 18

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Teen Slut Katie at Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 June 17th, 2010

Check out this beautiful teen slut, Katie. 18 years old and her first time being filmed thanks to the guys at Fucked Hard 18. I’m sure Jake was happy when he saw this gorgeous babe walk in the door for a massage. Her ass actually has some meat on it, which some men like… maybe I’ll men. I can’t say anything bad about this girls ass, that’s for sure. Katie has a great set of natural teen tits and a shaven pussy that was all ready for a hardcore fucking. After the massage, she started to get horny and Jake pulled out his cock for her to suck on. One thing led to another and this oiled up teen was getting fucked on while her ass was up in the air. I like these videos at Fucked Hard 18, they know how to shoot porn well. For more videos of 18 year olds getting fucked please check out this website.

teen sluts katie

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Ally Kay at Fucked Hard 18

Ally Kay walked in the massage room looking sexy with a blue striped one piece with a silver bikini underneath. It Looks like she was coming back from the beach or something. Hope she got some sun because this is not a tanning salon. Jake brought out the oil and Ally started relaxing on the massage table, looks like she was even getting sleepy. Jake then turned her over and starts to massage her legs and ass, and boy does her booty look sexy, one of the finest I’ve seen all day. I like how Jake just slipped his half erect cock into her little pussy while she was lying down.. Anyways, I’m about to watch the full video in the members area. Should be a good one! Don’t forget to get your membership so you can access these high quality fucked hard 18 videos. Just click the picture …

ally kay fucked hard 18

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Fucked Hard 18 Video – Brandy

Brandy just wants to relax and get massaged. She doesn’t know that she’s soon going to get fucked nice and hard! Welcome to fucked hard 18, where the massages only start as massages, and end with a nice load of cum on the chick! Brandy enters the room with pretty, long blonde hair, a blue t-shirt, white shorts and long striped socks. She greets Jake, the masseuse and starts small talk with him about the massage. They continue to make small talk about they pan to Jake riding her sweet blonde pussy from behind, with her large, milky tits bouncing in front. They then pan to the beginning of the massage with a towel over her rear as he starts to put on the secret pheromone oil on her. She is seen getting her sweet bubbly ass massaged before getting her wet slit massaged and then fucked by Jake’s cock again! Fucked from behind or any angle, even spread eagle and wide open with her sweet tits jiggling in lust for cock!

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Miley Ann Video from Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 April 29th, 2010

Thanks for coming back to Teen Sluts Blog, I try and bring you the hottest pictures and videos of 18-19 year old babes. I Hope you bookmark the site and come back for more. For this post I have a video of Miley Ann. She has a girl next door look and some curves, nothing wrong with that, I’d gladly fuck her. Jake had the pleasure of massaging her teen body with oil and then fucking her for this episode. Jake was fucking her in so many positions he must of got tired switching it up all the time. I like when Jake had her in doggy style position with her arms behind her and her hair in his hand. Miley has a pretty sexy voice too, and she wasn’t shy to talk while her pussy was getting pounded.. “fuck that pussy!”. Overall this was a great update and I’d love to see Miley Ann come back for round two at Fucked Hard 18, what do you think? Check out this preview flash video by clicking the picture (you will be redirected)

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Alyssa Fucked Hard 18 Video

Fucked Hard 18 April 23rd, 2010

Alyssa saw the ad and figured a free massage would put her in a good mood. Little does she know the lotion used to massage her is going to get her wanting to feel much more! She comes in with a light blue tank top and cut denim shorts with pink socks as she sits on the masseuse table, talking to Jake. The clip immediate shows the effects of the pheromone lotion, and as always, teen sluts are taking Jake’s hard cock as soon as the lotion kicks in! The clip goes back to Jake massaging Alyssa with her tits and pussy covered on her back as the massage first begins. The video then flashes forward to her getting her tits massaged nicely, alongside her pussy getting fingered by Jake as she goes spread eagle. Then we see Alyssa suck Jake’s cock before having her spread eagle on her back with Jake fucking her before going back again to her getting it from behind at multiple angles! Her ass has been slapped and fucked red by all the excitement!

fucked hard 18 alyssa video

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Beautiful Blonde Tessa at Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 April 12th, 2010

This is the kinda girl I like looking at, she’s sexy and has a stunning body. Tessa reminds me of this chick I used to work with, could never date her though, oh well. I liked when Jake started fucking her in the air, her ass looked so good! Tessa came in for a massage and Jake was more then pleased to rub her down. What he enjoyed even more was fucking the life outta her and hearing her scream with pleasure. The end of this preview video is pretty hot too, the camera angel is just above Tessa’s head while Jake is fucking her missionary style. Her boobs are shaking and bouncing around and her tight teen pussy is getting penetrated hard. I’d love to blow my load in her little pussy. I’d probably have to get really drunk if I wanted to last more than 10 minutes with this beautiful babe, hey at least I’m honest. For more videos of teen sluts like Tessa getting banged hard visit the link below or click the pictures.

fucked hard 18 tessa

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Amai – Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 March 28th, 2010

Some people who come in for a massage just look younger than others. Meet teen slut Amai, she’s 18 and has a sweet body to prove it. All she wants is a massage, but that’s not all she’s gonna get. Welcome to fucked hard 18, home of the best massage porn you can imagine. Amai comes in with a red t-shirt and cut jeans before meeting Jake, her masseuse. She agrees to the massage and gets undressed as we see it pan to Jake massaging her shoulders with his special pheromone lotion oil that will get her craving cock in no time! And in no time, she’s buck naked with a sweet, really young body getting her pussy fingered by Jake as she eyes his cock. She starts to gobble his member like a pro before getting fucked from behind, even holding her legs back for Jake to get maximum access to her sweet pussy. For the hottest barely legal teen sluts check out fucked hard 18, you can thank me later.

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Victoria Lawson from Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 February 27th, 2010

Victoria Lawson is a tall beauty, she reminds me of the girls that participate in beauty pageants. Have you heard about that Carrie Prejean (spelling?) sex tape? Well, it probably isn’t as good as this video. I find celebrity sex tapes to be rather boring and poorly shot. Just think of the Paris Hilton one..don’t get me wrong, it was still awesome to see Paris Hilton Fucked. Anyways, back to this video. She walked in looking good in jeans and a cute top, which she started taking off right away. Jake was sure lucky to massage and fuck this teen slut. Victoria has some of the nicest looking legs I’ve ever seen. Just imagine her in high heels. That would be pretty sexy. I wish she had left on her shoes while she was getting fucked, would be even hotter to me. Just to let you know, the members area video quality are even higher quality than these flash samples I’m posting. So if you want to watch the full-length porn videos then join Fucked Hard 18.

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