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Sometimes you just have to capture a moment on film forever. Sometimes its of you winning a big championship, and sometimes it’s of your hot naked ex girlfriend sucking cock even after you’ve blown your load! Like my girlfriend there, you can see any number of hot naked chicks here. The story behind my pic is as follows. We were basically just fooling around on the bed and massaging each other when my girlfriend started to suck me off. She had a real talent for it, and I wondered if I’d ever get to a point in my life where she wasn’t there anymore. I figured I had to make this picture count, and after I blew my load, she was still going! I knew this would be the picture for me! We kept our sex life pretty active for a while before she started dating a friend of mine. They got married and her looks have changed a bit so here she is!

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Everyone loves having a threesome. I had one with my hot ex and even kept one of my ex girlfriend photos to prove it. She brought a friend over just to hang out for the night. We didn’t really wanna go to the movies or anything so we just stayed put. Fortunately, the friend brought a bunch of alcohol with her. That was pretty sweet and I even helped pay for my share of it since only mooches don’t right? We start watching this one movie, I forget it was some comedy, but we drank a lot during it. We were almost gonna go to bed when, drunk as fuck, we decided to flip channels and this porn came on. I guess the booze got us all secretly horny since, before you know it, the friend is eating out my ex girlfriend’s pussy and I’m starting to grope her and lick her! The rest, as they say is history!

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Here is a picture of my girlfriend when everything was new and we just started dating each other seriously. She surprised me one day and took this sexy picture for me! When I opened it at work I was shocked and closed it immediately, hoping my co-workers didn’t see it. Her tits look wonderful in it. I ended up saving this picture and added it to my collection, and later uploading it to SeeMyGf. Hell, I’ve even made some ex girlfriend sex videos, but I have yet to share those with the internet. I had to break up with this girl because the relationship just wasn’t going anywhere and we seemed to be drifting apart, shit like that happens sometimes and I was eager to get my dick wet with a new chick. Nothing feels better then fucking a brand new girl for the first time. Hope you like this picture, and for more ex girlfriend photos please click it and check out the gallery. There’s tons of ex gf pics on that website.

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Some women can never get enough of a guy’s hot load. You just blow your hot wad all over and another chick wants to share! That’s the joy of ex girlfriend porn! So I was dating the one brunette in the picture and she has a friend come over who recently dumped her boyfriend, but was pretty broken up about it. I say that my girlfriend should bring her newly single friend over for some ‘counseling.’ She agrees and the friend comes over. We all talk and have a few drinks. Afterwards, the friend starts to talk to my ex girlfriend about the things she’d like to do to me. I figured she was bullshitting but when my ex zipped my pants down and started letting my friend suck me off, I realized that everything I wanted to happen that night did! They both sucked me off, I blew my load on their faces and voila, the picture is there to prove it!

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