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New Dare Dorm Video

Dare Dorm June 9th, 2010

dare dorm video

Dare Dorm is the gold standard website for real homemade sex videos, filmed in real college dorms. These chicks are young, away from home for the first time, and ready to get naughty. This young couple needed to raise some money, they heard that Dare Dorm was giving away 10k to the best video so they decided to film something. Skip to about 1:10 and see this babe show off her sweet teen ass. I couldn’t wait to see her get fucked after that lapdance. It’s too bad on this preview video all you get to see is some of the blowjob, it’s pretty good, but when you sign up you can download the videos in HD and watch these girls get fucked. Not to mention you get access to every video that’s ever been released on the website. I especially like the “parties” where there’s usually around 3 girls sucking and fucking at the same time. For more teen sluts check out dare dorm – See what everyone is talking about.

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Dare Dorm Porn

Dare Dorm May 2nd, 2010

Get young chicks and horny guys together in the dorms and watch it all unfold! At dare dorm, you can see the finest in teen sluts get ready for some partying and more! The party first gets started with some hot young babes getting liquored up and dancing like they were in a beauty pageant. The action quickly heats up as the women go topless and start to give sweet, big tittiedlapdances for the lucky guys. There are brunettes, blondes and juicy young tits just waiting for the guys to grope them. It’s always the beginning of a great party once the clothes come off. Then the group goes around and starts to do body shots off a hot topless chick’s belly button. All the while giving hot, passionate kisses and getting her sweet young breasts squished together by a horny guy! The action continues as even the guys are naked and the women start to play with each other completely naked! This is what college should be like! Watch these Hot Teen Sluts (18+) by clicking the link below.

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Dare Dorm Sex Party

Dare Dorm April 9th, 2010

Welcome back to Teen Sluts Blog. Check out this little video shot in a real college dorm. Whoever looses the drinking game has to take off an item of clothing, let’s just say by the end of it all the girls were naked and drunk. So I guess things turned out okay! Dare dorm rocks. The girls were making out, showing off their tits to the camera, and it basically turned into an orgy. A couple of the girls started to suck the dudes cocks but you can’t see that in these sample videos. But the blowjobs were good, what blowjob isn’t? I’ll take a blowjob whenever I can get one. And American girls give away blowjobs like candy, god bless America and the institutions that teach these young sluts. Dare dorm is the latest offering from the Reality Kings so be sure to check it out. I love the concept and the videos are something fresh, something different from your average porn site.

dare dorm

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Dare Dorm Review

Dare Dorm March 14th, 2010

Drinking, studying and so much more! There’s really little you can complain about when the action heats up and the women are young and horny! Welcome yourself to dare dorm. This is home of some of the hottest college campus action ever. The action starts with a game of drinking where the students have to flip their cup over on its opening after chugging the beer in it. As the alcohol kicks in, the women don’t mind letting their hair down and begin to experiment with one another and start to passionately kiss each other with open mouths and tongues. The guys can’t help but chime in on how hot it is! The action gets hotter as the teen sluts whip out their titties and start to jiggle them for the arousal of the guys around. Even the guys can’t help but whip out their dicks and start to play with the women as they fondle themselves! Finally the action starts to reach a climax as the make out sessions begin with the men and even lady-on-lady with their hot tits being licked and sucked on! Join the fun at dare dorm!

dare dorm review

dare dorm

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Another Dare Dorm Party (videos)

Dare Dorm February 20th, 2010

*note: the first video in this gallery isn’t working for some reason. Just letting you know

Classes are finished for the week and it’s time to party. Just be sure to invite a few girls that get crazy after a few alcoholic beverages. In this particular case there were no dudes in the picture so it ended up being an all girl party. And girls know how to have fun together! Some like to get naughty which is what I like seeing. Wish I was there so they could have a cock to play with but I’m fine watching some beautiful babes have fun with eachother. These college babes from Orlando are ready to win that 10k that Dare Dorm are giving away to the best video. College kids are crazy! I like the last video in this dare dorm gallery where the girl is licking the other chicks pussy, HOT! For more Dare Dorm videos follow the link below. It’s an awesome new site with a cool concept. Be prepared to see some real college kids get naked and fuck.

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teen sluts

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Dare Dorm Party

Dare Dorm February 6th, 2010

Ready to see some hot videos of crazy college dorm parties? This is Dare Dorm. A site dedicated to bringing you the hottest videos of college kids partying, sucking cock, and fucking on camera. This looks like a party I’d like to be a part of, even If I was just filming it. I could get a girl to suck my cock and still have my hands on the camera. After a few drinks these college sluts got naked and started sucking cock. The muscle man had two girls sucking on his knob at the same time, what a lucky guy. Watching the girls in this video was the most fun for me, they loved kissing each other, fingering each other and sucking on tits. It’s college, a time to experiment. Join the fun at DareDorm and send in your video or just watch more videos of teen sluts getting naughty, follow the pics below.

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dare dorm video

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College Sluts at Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm January 7th, 2010

Alcohol, weed, and hot college girls. Nothing like some chemical assistance to relax and loosen up the girls so they start getting horny. Man It’s sure fun to be in college, I miss it dearly. I had some good times and some good lays in my college days. These two college babes in video #2 are roommates and it looks like they’re cool with being filmed getting freaky. I’m happy for the dude in this video, after a while it looks like he finally gets in on the action and starts making out with one of the chicks. I can’t wait to see him fucking them in the full video… I will have to download that in the members area (I just joined the website). Dare dorm features porn videos submitted by real college students. They are giving away $10,000 to the best video, so if you’re in college and reading this please check out their website for more information. Or if you just want to watch these videos that’s cool as well (click the pics below)

college sluts at dare dorm

dare dorm

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Dare Dorm Videos

Dare Dorm November 30th, 2009

College is a time to explore, both with other people and yourself in ways you couldn’t imagine in high school. Welcome to dare dorm! This is where girls turn into women, and boys turn into men! Here we see a bunch of guys celebrating one of their bros’ birthdays, and brought alone a cute blondie for the ride! As the night and alcohol moves on, everyone starts listening to their horny feelings and begin to take off their clothes, showing off their sweet tits for the guys to see! Not to mention the fact that, hey, since they’re all becoming adults, what harm is there in a little girl-on-girl kissing without any tops? The action continues as they flood the dorm halls and turn their little party into a slip n’ slide for everyone. With the chicks half naked, it’s not just their tits that will get wet! Finally, the guys and girls get down to some sweet lovemaking, complete with rubbing their pussies and munching on some sweet peaches! See more teen sluts (18+) by following the link below.

dare dorm videos

dare dorm video

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Teen Sluts Blog Presents Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm November 22nd, 2009

Two college girls, a box of condoms, and a video camera, It looks like they’re ready for some fun. Welcome to Dare Dorm, a site were college kids submit videos of themselves having sex. These crazy girls were ready to party and started sucking on the dudes cocks right away. I remember when I was in college the girls were ready to do just about anything. I guess it’s their first time being away from home and they’re more willing to experiment. Lucky for us these college kids send in their homemade sex videos to Dare Dorm and we get too watch these sluts in action. The body on the brunette with long hair is banging! She has the nicest tits and ass I’ve seen I’ll week..just amazing. I would have a hard time lasting with a chick so hot. I’d have to step up my foreplay and make it last, or go in for round 2 after twenty minutes. You wanna see these two college babes riding cock together? Just click the pictures.

dare dorm

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