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Paris hilton sex tape

So Today I thought I’d write about something a little different, something that has been taking over the news lately, yes you guessed it! Paris Hilton. This Hotel Heiress was arrested for DUI , send to prison, then released after a few days for what reason??? Maybe she’s having cocaine withdrawls or something and that’s a valid medical reason these days. lol. Who Knows! But Paris Hilton is now back in jail and I thought some people might be interested in her sex tape that was famous a little while ago. I watched it… you can watch this young 19 year old paris hilton getting fucked from behind, missionary, and riding cock in the cowgirl position. She Also gives a really good blowjob at the end that left me satisfied as I lived vicariously through the blowjob. Check out this website and watch the full , unedited, paris hilton sex tape. Probably one of the defining Celebrity teen sluts of our times :)

awww poor little paris. Did you see her crying as she was in the cop car being taken back to jail! Hilarious! I hope this rich little snob will complete her prison sentence this time… and she’s coming back to millions of dollars and a lifestyle most dream of so who cares. Hopefully she becomes a better person and less of a dumb club whore pink princess… end of rant. :)
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