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Pure Ashley


Well here’s a blonde slut that likes my blog, and I have the picture to prove it. Thanks for your support Ashley Jane! Now go and tell all your girlfriends to take some photos for me as well.

pure ashley

Here’s a video of Ashley masturbating in the shower. It’s so hot! Her ass is incredible. This has to be one of the hottest masturbation shower scenes I’ve ever posted on this blog. Wow. Ashley is a real dirty slut that loves fingering her ass and rubbing her tight pussy. You can tell she really loves masturbating in this video. I’ve also had the chance to view some of her webcam shows and they have been just as good if not better. If you’d like to see more videos of Ashley and watch her on webcam than visit her official website, Pure Ashley. It’s a porn site that’s going in my bookmarks right now!

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Random Diddylicious Pictures

DiddyLicious May 29th, 2010

Even though I haven’t posted diddylicious pics in forever she is still one of my favorite solo girl models. Her website is still up and being updated, and she looks great. It appears she had her boobs done too :) She hardly had any boobs and now she has a decent rack, nothing too crazy. She didn’t go all out porn star with her boobs, and that’s a good thing. Aside from the amazing videos you can watch on her website and chatting with diddylicious, the weekly webcam shows are always fun. I love watching diddylicious strip on webcam. Yes, she gets fully nude and masturbates on webcam. I’m not sure if I can call diddylicious a teen slut but she’s hot as hell. View these pictures and decide for yourself.

Here is a random assortment of some diddylicious pictures, provided by my friend: Diddylicious Nude

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Teen Blowjob Video

Videos May 28th, 2010

Nothing like a blowjob from a hot teen slut. This whore looks like she gives pretty good head, something tells me she’s done this many times before. Why not pick up a camera and film it? That’s exactly what Mike thought of doing, homemade blowjobs videos FTW! Mike has sent in a few videos of this girl and they’ve been great. I have yet to be disappointed. Wait till you see her riding his cock! It’s pretty fucking hot. She’s such a slutty girl that just needs to be fucked every day, the kind of girl you can really have some fun with. Okay, you’ll have to excuse me for a little while, I’m logging in to watch the full video.

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Teen Ex Girlfriend Picture

Some women can never get enough of a guy’s hot load. You just blow your hot wad all over and another chick wants to share! That’s the joy of ex girlfriend porn! So I was dating the one brunette in the picture and she has a friend come over who recently dumped her boyfriend, but was pretty broken up about it. I say that my girlfriend should bring her newly single friend over for some ‘counseling.’ She agrees and the friend comes over. We all talk and have a few drinks. Afterwards, the friend starts to talk to my ex girlfriend about the things she’d like to do to me. I figured she was bullshitting but when my ex zipped my pants down and started letting my friend suck me off, I realized that everything I wanted to happen that night did! They both sucked me off, I blew my load on their faces and voila, the picture is there to prove it!

teen ex girlfriend picture

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Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

kendra wilkinson nude

kendra wilkinson fucking

Yes! The rumors are true. Their is a sex tape of Kendra Wilkinson (Playboy slut, ex girlfriend of hef) and you can watch it today. This homemade video was shot when Kendra was just 18 years old, so I have every reason to post it on my blog. She looked pretty good back then, very fit, and more natural. Her tits were small, but not bad looking. What do you think of her tits now?

Kendra is annoying as hell if you’ve seen her on TV but you still want to see her fucking right? Heh, here is your chance. I think she has even more sex tapes too that she tried to sell after she found out this one was going to be released, too funny.

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Video of Katrina at Nubiles

katrina nubiles video

Katrina is one of the hottest teen models on, a site featuring close to 800 girls. So what is more impressive? That she’s one of the most popular girls on the website or that there are over 750+ girls each with photos and videos available to download. Yes, it’s an impressive collection of nude photos and explicit videos of teens that are not so innocent as they might look. But some are. For a lot of these 18 to 19 year old girls it will be their first time being photographed nude, or being filmed. Lucky for us we get to watch these young teens strip, masturbate, and even perform hardcore sex acts. is home to the hottest barely legal nude modelling the web has to offer. That’s why I’m telling you about it. The website is targetted towards softcore porn, but they are including more hardcore scenes every week.

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Got Gisele

Got Gisele May 24th, 2010

got gisele webcam

gisele teen webcam model

Meet Gisele. You might have seen or heard about her before if you’ve ever looked at webcam girls before, because she’s one of the more popular babes on the internet. She looks like a real life barbie doll. Gisele, also like Violet and Cam With Carmen, has her own website featuring live cam shows, videos, pictures, blog updates and more. It’s called Got Gisele. I joined up and am loving is so far. I’ve also seen her a few times at On Her Cam. She always has a fun and positive attitude and is great to chat with, but my mind is always focused on her huge boobs to be honest. They are always falling out of her top. To see Gisele, or more hot webcam girls then click here and check out on her cam. It’s a premium webcam site with some of the hottest babes you’ll see on the internet, and I’m not bullshitting. The babes at ONHERCAM are incredible, they have a very high standard of who’s allowed to model on their website. You might have to pay a little more, but it’s worth it. But hey, you can still signup for free and see what it’s like.

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Ally Kay at Fucked Hard 18

Ally Kay walked in the massage room looking sexy with a blue striped one piece with a silver bikini underneath. It Looks like she was coming back from the beach or something. Hope she got some sun because this is not a tanning salon. Jake brought out the oil and Ally started relaxing on the massage table, looks like she was even getting sleepy. Jake then turned her over and starts to massage her legs and ass, and boy does her booty look sexy, one of the finest I’ve seen all day. I like how Jake just slipped his half erect cock into her little pussy while she was lying down.. Anyways, I’m about to watch the full video in the members area. Should be a good one! Don’t forget to get your membership so you can access these high quality fucked hard 18 videos. Just click the picture …

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Big Teen Boobs

Videos May 23rd, 2010

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This is the kinda girl I like, looks all cute and innocent but she’s really a complete slut. The boobs on this teen are amazing, very perky and fun to squeeze. They are epic! This old guy is one lucky dude to be getting a young piece of ass like this. Good job man! Keep screwing her spider monkey style too. Please send in some more videos of this teen babe while you’re at it. Your Girlfriends has tons of great homemade sex videos. Everything is user submitted. My friend has a website called My Naked Ex Gf for more pictures and videos of teen girlfriends. Don’t forget to check out the categories on the right! I suggest you click on Kari Sweets if you want to see a really hot teen model. That girl is stunning!

Amateur Slut Masturbating

Videos May 22nd, 2010

Wow, this was a good find. I should pat myself on the back for this one. This 19 year old amateur slut thought it would be fun to film herself masturbating, then send the video to her boyfriend. What she didn’t know was that he posted it on the internet after they broke up. Dumb slut! She was fucking around with a few other guys so that’s fair payback in my opinion. Not so fun now huh? This teen has a cute set of small tits and a very pretty looking pussy. It does not look beat up at all for the amount of cocks and other objects that have been so lucky to penetrate it’s tight opening. So I want to give thanks to Chris for sending this video in! Thanks man, lots of people are enjoying this as well as the countless other teen ex girlfriend videos featured at Your Girlfriends.

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Fucked Hard 18 Video – Brandy

Brandy just wants to relax and get massaged. She doesn’t know that she’s soon going to get fucked nice and hard! Welcome to fucked hard 18, where the massages only start as massages, and end with a nice load of cum on the chick! Brandy enters the room with pretty, long blonde hair, a blue t-shirt, white shorts and long striped socks. She greets Jake, the masseuse and starts small talk with him about the massage. They continue to make small talk about they pan to Jake riding her sweet blonde pussy from behind, with her large, milky tits bouncing in front. They then pan to the beginning of the massage with a towel over her rear as he starts to put on the secret pheromone oil on her. She is seen getting her sweet bubbly ass massaged before getting her wet slit massaged and then fucked by Jake’s cock again! Fucked from behind or any angle, even spread eagle and wide open with her sweet tits jiggling in lust for cock!

teen sluts fucked hard 18

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