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Miley Ann Video from Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 April 29th, 2010

Thanks for coming back to Teen Sluts Blog, I try and bring you the hottest pictures and videos of 18-19 year old babes. I Hope you bookmark the site and come back for more. For this post I have a video of Miley Ann. She has a girl next door look and some curves, nothing wrong with that, I’d gladly fuck her. Jake had the pleasure of massaging her teen body with oil and then fucking her for this episode. Jake was fucking her in so many positions he must of got tired switching it up all the time. I like when Jake had her in doggy style position with her arms behind her and her hair in his hand. Miley has a pretty sexy voice too, and she wasn’t shy to talk while her pussy was getting pounded.. “fuck that pussy!”. Overall this was a great update and I’d love to see Miley Ann come back for round two at Fucked Hard 18, what do you think? Check out this preview flash video by clicking the picture (you will be redirected)

miley ann fucked hard 18

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Alyssa Fucked Hard 18 Video

Fucked Hard 18 April 23rd, 2010

Alyssa saw the ad and figured a free massage would put her in a good mood. Little does she know the lotion used to massage her is going to get her wanting to feel much more! She comes in with a light blue tank top and cut denim shorts with pink socks as she sits on the masseuse table, talking to Jake. The clip immediate shows the effects of the pheromone lotion, and as always, teen sluts are taking Jake’s hard cock as soon as the lotion kicks in! The clip goes back to Jake massaging Alyssa with her tits and pussy covered on her back as the massage first begins. The video then flashes forward to her getting her tits massaged nicely, alongside her pussy getting fingered by Jake as she goes spread eagle. Then we see Alyssa suck Jake’s cock before having her spread eagle on her back with Jake fucking her before going back again to her getting it from behind at multiple angles! Her ass has been slapped and fucked red by all the excitement!

fucked hard 18 alyssa video

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Beautiful Blonde Tessa at Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 April 12th, 2010

This is the kinda girl I like looking at, she’s sexy and has a stunning body. Tessa reminds me of this chick I used to work with, could never date her though, oh well. I liked when Jake started fucking her in the air, her ass looked so good! Tessa came in for a massage and Jake was more then pleased to rub her down. What he enjoyed even more was fucking the life outta her and hearing her scream with pleasure. The end of this preview video is pretty hot too, the camera angel is just above Tessa’s head while Jake is fucking her missionary style. Her boobs are shaking and bouncing around and her tight teen pussy is getting penetrated hard. I’d love to blow my load in her little pussy. I’d probably have to get really drunk if I wanted to last more than 10 minutes with this beautiful babe, hey at least I’m honest. For more videos of teen sluts like Tessa getting banged hard visit the link below or click the pictures.

fucked hard 18 tessa

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Dare Dorm Sex Party

Dare Dorm April 9th, 2010

Welcome back to Teen Sluts Blog. Check out this little video shot in a real college dorm. Whoever looses the drinking game has to take off an item of clothing, let’s just say by the end of it all the girls were naked and drunk. So I guess things turned out okay! Dare dorm rocks. The girls were making out, showing off their tits to the camera, and it basically turned into an orgy. A couple of the girls started to suck the dudes cocks but you can’t see that in these sample videos. But the blowjobs were good, what blowjob isn’t? I’ll take a blowjob whenever I can get one. And American girls give away blowjobs like candy, god bless America and the institutions that teach these young sluts. Dare dorm is the latest offering from the Reality Kings so be sure to check it out. I love the concept and the videos are something fresh, something different from your average porn site.

dare dorm

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