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Victoria Lawson from Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 February 27th, 2010

Victoria Lawson is a tall beauty, she reminds me of the girls that participate in beauty pageants. Have you heard about that Carrie Prejean (spelling?) sex tape? Well, it probably isn’t as good as this video. I find celebrity sex tapes to be rather boring and poorly shot. Just think of the Paris Hilton one..don’t get me wrong, it was still awesome to see Paris Hilton Fucked. Anyways, back to this video. She walked in looking good in jeans and a cute top, which she started taking off right away. Jake was sure lucky to massage and fuck this teen slut. Victoria has some of the nicest looking legs I’ve ever seen. Just imagine her in high heels. That would be pretty sexy. I wish she had left on her shoes while she was getting fucked, would be even hotter to me. Just to let you know, the members area video quality are even higher quality than these flash samples I’m posting. So if you want to watch the full-length porn videos then join Fucked Hard 18.

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Another Dare Dorm Party (videos)

Dare Dorm February 20th, 2010

*note: the first video in this gallery isn’t working for some reason. Just letting you know

Classes are finished for the week and it’s time to party. Just be sure to invite a few girls that get crazy after a few alcoholic beverages. In this particular case there were no dudes in the picture so it ended up being an all girl party. And girls know how to have fun together! Some like to get naughty which is what I like seeing. Wish I was there so they could have a cock to play with but I’m fine watching some beautiful babes have fun with eachother. These college babes from Orlando are ready to win that 10k that Dare Dorm are giving away to the best video. College kids are crazy! I like the last video in this dare dorm gallery where the girl is licking the other chicks pussy, HOT! For more Dare Dorm videos follow the link below. It’s an awesome new site with a cool concept. Be prepared to see some real college kids get naked and fuck.

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Fucked Hard 18 Video

Fucked Hard 18 February 13th, 2010

Austyn was just ready to get a massage for free in exchange for letting the guy film it, what she got was something much more! Jake tells us why he lives up to his name at fucked hard 18 when she eventually starts to suck and fuck him like no other. It starts off with Austyn, as she comes in with her pretty tropical dress. She meets Jake, who says that she will get a massage for free in exchange for letting him film it. She agrees and shakes his hand before taking off her clothes. Jake then has her on her front while massaging her ass, showing off the sweet pussy lips in-between before getting her completely naked on her back, massaging her well-tanned tits and letting the lotions do their work! The lotion kicks in and he starts to massage her wet pussy before she craves cock and starts sucking Jake’s dick. Jake then sticks it in her hot pussy and fucks her on her back, having her moan as she gets fucked hard. They then flip over and fuck some more, all the while Austyn methodically move her hips back and forth, showing her pussy swallow up Jake’s cock in ecstasy!

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Dare Dorm Party

Dare Dorm February 6th, 2010

Ready to see some hot videos of crazy college dorm parties? This is Dare Dorm. A site dedicated to bringing you the hottest videos of college kids partying, sucking cock, and fucking on camera. This looks like a party I’d like to be a part of, even If I was just filming it. I could get a girl to suck my cock and still have my hands on the camera. After a few drinks these college sluts got naked and started sucking cock. The muscle man had two girls sucking on his knob at the same time, what a lucky guy. Watching the girls in this video was the most fun for me, they loved kissing each other, fingering each other and sucking on tits. It’s college, a time to experiment. Join the fun at DareDorm and send in your video or just watch more videos of teen sluts getting naughty, follow the pics below.

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