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Dare Dorm Videos

Dare Dorm November 30th, 2009

College is a time to explore, both with other people and yourself in ways you couldn’t imagine in high school. Welcome to dare dorm! This is where girls turn into women, and boys turn into men! Here we see a bunch of guys celebrating one of their bros’ birthdays, and brought alone a cute blondie for the ride! As the night and alcohol moves on, everyone starts listening to their horny feelings and begin to take off their clothes, showing off their sweet tits for the guys to see! Not to mention the fact that, hey, since they’re all becoming adults, what harm is there in a little girl-on-girl kissing without any tops? The action continues as they flood the dorm halls and turn their little party into a slip n’ slide for everyone. With the chicks half naked, it’s not just their tits that will get wet! Finally, the guys and girls get down to some sweet lovemaking, complete with rubbing their pussies and munching on some sweet peaches! See more teen sluts (18+) by following the link below.

dare dorm videos

dare dorm video

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Ex Girlfriend Photo

ex girlfriend pics November 22nd, 2009

Seeing is believing, and a picture is worth a thousand words! It’s always nice to have some proof of all those hot chick stories guys tell, now here’s a site that backs it up! So anyway I was given a pic of this one chick from my friend Bill. Bill likes to talk shit and say he’s a real stud, but he never seems to have any proof. Well sure enough, he goes on about this one girl he’s fucking. He tells us that before he stuck his cock in her, she was so horny that she started to put a dildo up her ass, wanting him to fuck and pour his white load up her ass. We say BS but then he whips out this bomb shell and shows us the picture of her doing just that! Man, what a sweet ass she has, and a tight asshole to boot! Love this site man all sorts of ex girlfriend porn and everything!

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Fucked Hard 18 Cindy

Fucked Hard 18 November 22nd, 2009

Some guys just wanna teach, whereas others just want to have fun. Meet the man behind fucked hard 18! He uses his patented pheromone massage oil to get the women to let him stick it to them after the lotion kicks in! Meet 18 year old slut Cindy. She is a cute, taller girl with dark blonde hair, plaid shirt and cut denim shorts. She meets the masseuse who introduces him and tells her that, in exchange for letting him film it for education purposes she will get a free massage. She agrees and starts to disrobe before letting him start to put his lotion on her. What she doesn’t know is that the lotion is loaded with secret pheromones to help her give in and take his fat cock in her mouth and pussy. The lotion quickly kicks in and her well-tanned body is now spread eagle, waiting for him to finger her horny slit. Then he starts to stick it in with her legs around her neck before switching over to doggy style before going back to spread eagle, moaning towards climax!

fucked hard 18 cindy

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Teen Sluts Blog Presents Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm November 22nd, 2009

Two college girls, a box of condoms, and a video camera, It looks like they’re ready for some fun. Welcome to Dare Dorm, a site were college kids submit videos of themselves having sex. These crazy girls were ready to party and started sucking on the dudes cocks right away. I remember when I was in college the girls were ready to do just about anything. I guess it’s their first time being away from home and they’re more willing to experiment. Lucky for us these college kids send in their homemade sex videos to Dare Dorm and we get too watch these sluts in action. The body on the brunette with long hair is banging! She has the nicest tits and ass I’ve seen I’ll week..just amazing. I would have a hard time lasting with a chick so hot. I’d have to step up my foreplay and make it last, or go in for round 2 after twenty minutes. You wanna see these two college babes riding cock together? Just click the pictures.

dare dorm

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