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Fucked Hard 18, Kagney

Fucked Hard 18 November 24th, 2008

Here is the latest update on Fucked Hard 18. This girl’s name is Kagney and she has some of the biggest and nicest tits I’ve seen in some time, It’s true… things are a little bit bigger in Texas, haha. I’d love to titty fuck this texan chick.. Damn this girl is stunning.. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you watch the video. I’ve included a link to Kagney’s sample video.. all you gotta do is click one of the pictures below and you can watch a preview of this young teen slut getting fucked, and sucking cock. Thanks for stopping by my blog, don’t forget to bookmark teen sluts blog and come back later for more teen porn :)

fucked hard 18 kagney

fucked hard 18 kagney

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Kari Sweets News

Kari Sweets November 21st, 2008

Here are those pictures of Kari Sweets I promised, I havn’t posted pictures of her in a while.. but she’s still one of my favorite solo girls, right up there with diddylicious. Kari Sweets has a perfect ass! I give it a perfect 10 out of 10, what about you? Also… have you heard that Kari Sweets appeared in a girls gone wild video? Yep, my friend over at KariSweetsBlog.Net posted about it and confirmed it. That was a while ago but I’m sure a lot of people who like Kari Sweets still don’t know about that. Have you seen Kari Sweets in any other videos? If you have please post a comment on my blog, I’d like to know!

Here are the pics!

kari sweets

kari sweets

kari sweets

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New Diddylicious Pictures

DiddyLicious November 20th, 2008

How is everyone doing this cold cold evening? Well it’s damn cold here where I live anyways… I thought I’d post some pictures of one of my favorite solo girl models, diddylicious. She’s petite, sexy, and totally cute.. If you havn’t been to her website yet you should definately check it out. She updates it with new photosets, videos, and even posts on her blog/chats with members, and of course my favorite thing… LIVE Webcam Shows! My buddy runs a diddylicious blog over at, so you should give that a visit too.

Here are a couple diddylicious pictures for ya.. I’ll also be posting some Kari Sweets (another super cute solo girl) pictures soon.. so come back for that :)



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Fucked Hard 18 – Candice

Fucked Hard 18 November 18th, 2008

Take a look at this hottie who walked in for a free massage and ended up getting fucked hard. Her name is candice.. she is petite, has a nice little teen ass, great teen tits and fucks like a young teen slut. Candice kinda looks like my best friends sister who is super hot as well. Fucked Hard 18 continues to impress me with the quality of the girls they have on the website and the quality of the videos they shoot as well. Check out the flash video of Candice below and visit Fucked Hard 18 if you wanna join up.. it’s worth the small membership fee because this is top quality porn and you won’t find teen sluts any hotter than at Fucked Hard 18!

fucked hard 18 candice

fucked hard 18 candice

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Fucked Hard 18 Video – Nicole Ray

Fucked Hard 18 November 6th, 2008

Check out Nicole Ray. This young teen slut has pretty big tits, and they are natural – just the way I like em. She has a great body too, and with oil all over it that got me going. She’s not the hottest girl over at fucked hard 18 but she’s better than my ex girlfriend :) haha. Nicole is one horny 18 year old, just listen as she moans “fuck me , fuck me”… It’s great. If you wanna watch her full video and other videos like it, click the link at the bottom of this post or just click the pictures below.

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fucked hard 18 video

fucked hard 18 video

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Stephanie Sage – Fucked Hard 18 Video

Fucked Hard 18 November 4th, 2008

Hello Guys. Here is stephanie sage again – this barely legal teen can now be seen at Fucked Hard 18, the ultimate teen porn website. Check out the flash video of this teen slut over at fucked hard 18, just click the pictures below and you will be taken to her video. This dark haired vixen came in for a free massage over at fucked hard 18 and then she got fucked! Would you take a look at her ass in the video… It’s amazing.. I give it a 10/10 , what about you? Just look at it shake as she gets fucked from behind.

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fucked hard 18 videos

stephanie sage at fucked hard 18

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